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An Efficient Privacy‐Preserving Ranked Keyword Search Method
  • An Efficient Privacy‐Preserving Ranked Keyword Search Method

An Efficient Privacy‐Preserving Ranked Keyword Search Method

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Efficient Privacy Preserving Ranked Keyword Search Method

For the purpose of privacy preserving the Cloud data owners prefer to outsource documents in an encrypted form. Therefore it is necessary to develop an efficient and reliable cipher text search techniques. One of the main challenges faced is that the relationship between documents will be normally concealed in the process of encryption, which will leads to the performance degradation during the significant search.

Due to this the volume of data in data centers has experienced a dramatic growth. This will make it even more challenging to design cipher text search schemes that can provide an efficient and reliable online information retrieval on large volume of encrypted data. In this paper, a hierarchical clustering method is proposed to support search semantics and also to meet the demand for fast cipher text search within a big data environment.

The proposed hierarchical approach clusters the documents based on the minimum relevance threshold, and then partitions the resulting clusters into sub-clusters until the constraint on the maximum size of cluster is reached. In the search phase, this approach can reach a linear computational complexity against an exponential size increase of document collection. In order to verify the authenticity of search results, a structure called minimum hash sub-tree is designed. Experiments have been conducted using the collection set built from the IEEE Xplore.Efficient Privacy Preserving Ranked Keyword Search Method.

The results show that with a sharp increase of documents in the dataset the search time of the proposed method increases linearly whereas the search time of the traditional method increases exponentially. Furthermore, the proposed method has an advantage over the traditional method in the rank privacy and relevance of retrieved documents.


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