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Final year IEEE projects 2016 based on Java Cloud Computing
  • Final year IEEE projects 2016 based on Java Cloud Computing

SecRBAC: Secure data in the Clouds

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SecRBAC: Secure data- Clouds Final year projects

Most of the current security solutions are based on perimeter security. However, Cloud computing breaks the organization perimeters.SecRBAC: Secure data- Clouds Final year projects. When data resides in the Cloud, they reside outside the organizational bounds. This leads the users to loss control over their data and raises reasonable security concerns that slow down the adoption of Cloud computing.

The system presents a data-centric access control solution with enriched role-based expressiveness in which security is focused on protecting user data regardless the Cloud service provider that holds it.

To protect the authorization model novel identity-based and proxy re-encryption techniques are used. Data is encrypted and authorization rules are cryptographically protected to preserve user data against the service provider access or misbehavior.

With the resource hierarchy support and role hierarchy, the authorization model provides high expressiveness. The solution takes advantage of the logic formalism provided by Semantic Web technologies, which enables advanced rule management like semantic conflict detection.SecRBAC: Secure data- Clouds Final year projects, A proof of concept implementation has been developed and a working prototypical deployment of the proposal has been integrated within Google services.


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