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ETBM01 A Hierarchical Classification and Segmentation Scheme for Processing Sensor Data  PDF/DOC
ETBM02 Accurate Joint-Alignment of Indocyanine Green and Fluorescein Angiograph Sequences for Treatment of Subretinal Lesions  PDF/DOC
ETBM03 Adaptive Dictionary Reconstruction for Compressed Sensing of ECG Signals  PDF/DOC
ETBM04 Age Dependence of Arterial Pulse Wave Parameters Extracted From Dynamic Blood Pressure and Blood Volume Pulse Waves  PDF/DOC
ETBM05 An Algorithm for Real-Time Pulse Waveform Segmentation and Artifact Detection in Photoplethysmograms  PDF/DOC
ETBM06 An Automated Approach for Kidney Segmentation in Three-Dimensional Ultrasound Images  PDF/DOC
ETBM07 An Ensemble of Fine-Tuned Convolutional Neural Networks for Medical Image Classification  PDF/DOC
ETBM08 Automated Diagnosis of Epilepsy Using Key-Point-Based Local Binary Pattern of EEG Signals  PDF/DOC
ETBM09 Automated Diagnosis of Glaucoma Using Empirical Wavelet Transform and Correntropy Features Extracted From Fundus Images  PDF/DOC
ETBM10 Automatic Measurement of Thalamic Diameter in 2-D Fetal Ultrasound Brain Images Using Shape Prior Constrained Regularized Level Sets  PDF/DOC
ETBM11 Automatic Nuclei Detection Based on Generalized Laplacian of Gaussian Filters  PDF/DOC
ETBM12 Boundary-to-Marker Evidence-Controlled Segmentation and MDL-Based Contour Inference for Overlapping Nuclei  PDF/DOC
ETBM13 Breast Histopathological Image Retrieval Based on Latent Dirichlet Allocation  PDF/DOC
ETBM14 Circular Mixture Modeling of Color Distribution for Blind Stain Separation in Pathology Images  PDF/DOC
ETBM15 Computed Tomography Image Origin Identification Based on Original Sensor Pattern Noise and 3-D Image Reconstruction Algorithm Footprints  PDF/DOC
ETBM16 Content-Adaptive Region-Based Color Texture Descriptors for Medical Images  PDF/DOC
ETBM17 Driver Fatigue Classification With Independent Component by Entropy Rate Bound Minimization Analysis in an EEG-Based System  PDF/DOC
ETBM18 ECG Denoising Using Marginalized Particle Extended Kalman Filter With an Automatic Particle Weighting Strategy  PDF/DOC
ETBM19 Evaluation of Three Algorithms for the Segmentation of Overlapping Cervical Cells  PDF/DOC
ETBM21 High-Accuracy Classification of Parkinson’s Disease Through Shape Analysis and Surface Fitting in 123I-Ioflupane SPECT Imaging  PDF/DOC
ETBM22 Homomorphic Deconvolution for MUAP Estimation From Surface EMG Signals  PDF/DOC
ETBM23 MRI to CT Prostate Registration for Improved Targeting in Cancer External Beam Radiotherapy  PDF/DOC
ETBM24 Multiple ECG Fiducial Points-Based Random Binary Sequence Generation for Securing Wireless Body Area Networks  PDF/DOC
ETBM25 New Magnet Technology for a Open-MRI Breast Imager  PDF/DOC
ETBM26 Occlusion and Slice-Based Volume Rendering Augmentation for PET-CT  PDF/DOC
ETBM27 Parallel Versus Distributed Data Access for Gigapixel-Resolution Histology Images Challenges and Opportunities  PDF/DOC
ETBM28 Retinal Disease Screening Through Local Binary Patterns  PDF/DOC
ETBM29 Segmentation, Splitting, and Classification of Overlapping Bacteria in Microscope Images for Automatic Bacterial Vaginosis Diagnosis  PDF/DOC
ETBM30 Visually Meaningful Histopathological Features for Automatic Grading of Prostate Cancer  PDF/DOC