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Cloud Computing





ETCC1 A Collision-Mitigation Cuckoo Hashing Scheme for Large-scale Storage Systems  PDF/DOC
ETCC2 A Cross Tenant Access Control (CTAC) Model for Cloud Computing: Formal Specification and Verification PDF/DOC
ETCC3 SDA-CLOUD: A Multi-VM Architecture for Adaptive Dynamic Data Race Detection PDF/DOC
ETCC4 A Novel Efficient Remote Data Possession Checking Protocol in Cloud Storage PDF/DOC
ETCC5 LazyCtrl: A Scalable Hybrid Network Control Plane Design for Cloud Data Centers PDF/DOC
ETCC6 Adaptive Cloud Radio Access Networks: Compression and Optimization PDF/DOC
ETCC7 An Adaptive IO Prefetching Approach for Virtualized Data Centers  PDF/DOC
ETCC8 An Efficient Delta Synchronization Algorithm for Mobile Cloud Storage Applications PDF/DOC
ETCC9 TEES: An Efficient Search Scheme over Encrypted Data on Mobile Cloud  PDF/DOC
ETCC10 An Efficient Survivable Design with Bandwidth Guarantees for Multi-tenant Cloud Networks PDF/DOC
ETCC11 ASSER: An Efficient, Reliable, and Cost-effective Storage Scheme for Object-based Cloud Storage Systems PDF/DOC
ETCC12 Analytical Model for Elastic Scaling of Cloud-based Firewalls  PDF/DOC
ETCC13 Coherent Semantic-visual Indexing for Large-scale Image Retrieval in the Cloud PDF/DOC
ETCC14 Competitiveness of Dynamic Bin Packing for Online Cloud Server Allocation PDF/DOC
ETCC15 CoRE: Cooperative End-to-End Traffic Redundancy Elimination for Reducing Cloud Bandwidth Cost PDF/DOC
ETCC16 Cost-Aware Streaming Workflow Allocation on Geo-Distributed Data Centers PDF/DOC
ETCC17 Cost-Effective Mapping Between Wireless Body Area Networks and Cloud Service Providers Based on Multi-Stage Bargaining PDF/DOC
ETCC18 Designing Self-Tuning Split-Map-Merge Applications for High Cost-Efficiency in the Cloud PDF/DOC
ETCC19 DGLB: Distributed Stochastic Geographical Load Balancing over Cloud Networks PDF/DOC
ETCC20 Distribution Based Workload Modelling of Continuous Queries in Clouds PDF/DOC
ETCC21 Double-sided Bidding Mechanism for Resource Sharing in Mobile Cloud PDF/DOC
ETCC22 Efficient Sub-Window Nearest Neighbor Search on Matrix PDF/DOC
ETCC23 ATOM: Efficient Tracking, Monitoring, and Orchestration of Cloud Resources PDF/DOC
ETCC24 Body and Fall Detection System with Heart Rate Monitoring PDF/DOC
ETCC25 Hierarchical Approach for Efficient Workload Management in Geo-distributed Data Centers PDF/DOC
ETCC26 Identification and Multivariable Gain-Scheduling Control for Cloud Computing Systems PDF/DOC
ETCC27 Identity-Based Data Outsourcing with Comprehensive Auditing in Clouds PDF/DOC
ETCC28 Joint Optimization of Resource Provisioning in Cloud Computing PDF/DOC
ETCC29 Joint Pricing and Capacity Planning in the IaaS Cloud Market PDF/DOC
ETCC30 Local Recovery for High Availability in Strongly Consistent Cloud Services  PDF/DOC
ETCC31 Mobile Multi-Source High Quality Multimedia Delivery Scheme PDF/DOC
ETCC32 Multi-Factor Authentication with OpenId in Virtualized Environments  PDF/DOC
ETCC33 Multi-User Joint Task Offloading and Resources Optimization in Proximate Clouds  PDF/DOC
ETCC34 Optimizing I/O Operations in File Systems for Fast Storage Devices PDF/DOC
ETCC35 Recent Development in Big Data Analytics for Business Operations and Risk Management  PDF/DOC
ETCC36 RAAC: Robust and Auditable Access Control with Multiple Attribute Authorities for Public Cloud Storage PDF/DOC
ETCC37 Securing coding-based cloud storage against pollution attacks  PDF/DOC
ETCC38 Semi-online Algorithms for Computational Task Offloading with Communication Delay PDF/DOC
ETCC39 Sharing-Aware Online Virtual Machine Packing in Heterogeneous Resource Clouds PDF/DOC
ETCC40 Stochastic Resource Provisioning for Containerized Multi-Tier Web Services in Clouds PDF/DOC
ETCC41 Strong Key-Exposure Resilient Auditing for Secure Cloud Storage  PDF/DOC
ETCC42 Subscriber-Driven Interference Detection for Cloud-Based Web Services PDF/DOC
ETCC43 Temporal Task Scheduling With Constrained Service Delay for Profit Maximization in Hybrid Clouds  PDF/DOC
ETCC44 Towards Encrypted Cloud Media Center with Secure Deduplication  PDF/DOC
ETCC45 Towards Correct Cloud Resource Allocation in Business Processes PDF/DOC
ETCC46 Traffic Load Balancing Schemes for Devolved Controllers in Mega Data Centers PDF/DOC
ETCC47 Two-Cloud Secure Database for Numeric-Related SQL Range Queries with Privacy Preserving PDF/DOC
ETCC48 Workload Consolidation for Cloud Data Centers with Guaranteed QoS Using Request Reneging PDF/DOC