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Embedded System





ETES1 Hand Gesture Based Wheelchair Movement Control for Disabled Person
ETES 2 A Low-cost intelligent Gas Sensing Device for military Applications.
ETES 3 A RFID based Smart Ration system
ETES4 Design of Clinic Patient Body Temperature Wireless Remote Concentration Monitor system
ETES5 GPS based Patient Monitoring system
ETES6 Smart Wearable patient tracking System
ETES7 A versatile scalable smart waste-bin system based on resource-limited embedded devices
ETES8 Research on automobile driving state real-time monitoring system based on arm
ETES9 A novel vehicle safety model: vehicle speed controller under driver fatigue
ETES10 Body and Fall Detection System with Heart Rate Monitoring
ETES11 Design and Implementation of a Fingerprint Based Lock System for Shared Access
ETES12 Microcontroller based Bio-medical treatment with stepper motor
ETES13 Configurable ZigBee-based Control System for People with Multiple Disabilities in Smart Homes
ETES14 Smart Real-Time Healthcare Monitoring and Tracking System using GSM/GPS Technologies
ETES15 Smart Vehicle security system for Defending Against Collaborative Attacks by Malware
ETES16 Smart car with Gas detecting and slope careless drive
ETES17 Driver Monitoring system with Eye blink sensor and alert system
ETES18 Driver monitoring system using image processing in MATLAB and controls actuators
ETES19 Smart Dredge removal robot for marine applications
ETES20 An automated septic tank management system without human being interaction
ETES21 RF based smart parking system for smart cities
ETES22 GSM and RFID based service system for smart agriculture
ETES23 Gas pressure monitoring and control system using SPD sensors
ETES24 GLCD based smart display for Marine dredge removal applications
ETES25 Temperature and Humidity monitoring system for smart hatcheries
ETES26 Automated car with obstacle avoidance and engine heat monitoring
ETES27 Load Cell & GSM based Smart Baby monitoring system to avoid child-theft in hospitals
ETES28 Smart Green house with Ultrasonic sensor based water management
ETES29 Automatic control of students attendance in class rooms using RFID
ETES30 Embedding pressure sensor in a footwear for checking the weight distribution during standing
ETES31 GPS enabled speed control embedded system speed limiting device with display and engine control interface
ETES32 Touch screen based wireless multifunctional wheelchair using ARM and PIC microcontroller
ETES33 Arduino Sensor Based Mobility Performance Test-Bed for Disaster Response Robots
ETES34 Small and medium range wireless electronic notice board using Bluetooth